General Signs & Symtoms

General signs and symptoms of depression include Loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities, Changes in sleep patterns, Changes in appetite patterns, A deeply sad or depressed mood, Difficulties concentrating, Changes in activity level, Guilty feelings or feelings of worthlessness, Energy loss, Thoughts of suicideDealing with depression starts by understanding its patterns and symptoms. Depression is described as an abnormal emotional state characterized by feelings of sadness, despair, and discouragement.

The reality is that this is a serious problem and in a few cases, dealing with depression requires treatment. Do not ignore the classic symptoms. It is a problem that can be treated and there are many options. Even if you don't have the classic symptoms, but have lasting feelings of sadness, discouragement, or worthlessness for several consecutive days, see your doctor for help. However, do not ignore that there may be other alternatives and causes of your depression.

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