The Beauty of People

When dealing with difficult people,
it is helpful to know what drives them.
A difficult person falls into three basic categories:

One who drains others :
By nature, their depressing,
and negative attitude characterizes them as “life suckers.”
They frequently aggravate and deplete us.
They complain, but refuse to accept solutions,
or take steps to improve their circumstances.

One who disrespects others :
Through their constant criticism,
we find ourselves consistently on the defense.
Their blunt, even cruel remarks,
frequently leave scars that linger as abuse.
They may be unsympathetic,
and practice excessive rudeness,
and ridicule at our expense.

One who dominates others :
Any aggressive nature which dominates,
our workplace or home through intimidation is destructive.
Boldness and assertiveness give way to a meanness,
that ignores the harmful consequences.
The dominating person believes “might is right.”