From Son to Father…

No man is perfect, however rarely would anyone ever see what few lesser qualities my late father may have had. That is the mark of a true Gentleman, and how most who knew my late father will remember him. My late father was often not a man of many words, and few would ever have had a bad word about my late father.

My late father had a difficult start to life, my late father worked hard all his life, having left school to work at many places with the hope of becoming a somebody for his family. Unfortunately he grew a bit tall for that pursuit, however he never let a lack of education stand in the way of providing for his family. He grew up in some very hard times, and did not like to see things wasted "Might come in handy one day" was something he used to say, and he preferred make do with what he had, rather than buy something new.

My late father was a simple man who appreciated the simple joy's life offered. He reminisced recently about some of the fun times he had with his brother and sisters, in a time when the world was a more peaceful place. Warm, quiet, gentle and patient are some words that come to mind when thinking of my late father. He believed in fairness and wasn't someone to complain about things.

My late father loved his golf, having played for many years. He played his last game several days before going into Malacca General Hospital, so it's safe to say he played his favourite sport as long as he possibly could. At one stage his handicap was as low as 11, and my late father also had the joy of shooting a hole in one during his life. His favourite golf club at Air Keroh Country Club, Malacca.

My late father was a family man, and spent most of his time at home. Words cannot express what he meant to his family, and what his family meant to him. He had a loving wife who cared for him, and that care was exceptional during the last years and months of his life. Only Rohani and Yahaya can fully appreciate the depth of their bond formed over 30 years together.

To his three sons, my late father was an inspiration. No thanks could ever be enough for the countless things he did for Along, Angah & Adik over the years, except to try to be as good a Father. The lessons our Parents teach, without ever knowing it, help make us who we are today.

My late father had the joy of spending time almost every day with my mother, Rohani. It's impossible to express a man's life in these few words, but the gift my late father has given those that knew him throughout those years will live on. The sadness of losing my late father is great, as were the many good times shared with him.

I believe, my late father would wish us to remember those happy times. Finally, maybe when we see my late father favourite golf set, we'll smile to ourself in memory of a wonderful man, who will be deeply missed and fondly remembered.

"I hope that anyone reading this blog will, for a small moment in time, think about what my late father meant to me and know a little about his life".

"I love You Abah". Al-Fatihah.

Warning Signs of Depression

Signs of depression can be tricky to spot. Friends, family and relatives that's just how they is.
They may not notice the more serious warning signs of depression. Each person is uniquely created by God, so no list of symptoms fits every individual. However, here is a list of symptoms indicating possible depression:

Despite proper amounts of sleep, a balanced diet,
and plenty of physical exercise,
the person may feel exhausted regularly.

Mood swings:
A person may experience happiness one moment,
and then be sad or irritated the next.

Difficulty coping with life:
The day to day routine of getting up,
going to work, and coming home can seem worthless.
The depressed person may feel as if he or she,
is not important, his or her job does not matter,
life does not matter.
There is a strong sense of hopelessness.

Depression is often triggered by:
Tragedy, the death of a loved one,
a divorce, wrong diet, an exam result, drugs, alcohol, etc.

Attribute of Human Nature

Depression can be mysterious,
because they can often get confused,
with general attributes of human nature.

Symptoms of depression include,
behavior that is out of balance,
or characteristics that are not within the range,
of what is considered normal for that individual.

These signs are recognized by professionals,
but there are many other indications that often,
go unrecognized and untreated.

If you have any doubt,
or concern regarding depression symptoms,
please see someone immediately for proper diagnosis.
There may be a chemical imbalance,
that requires treatment.

The Purpose of Life

Life challenges enable us to see ourselves at our best and our worst. We may attempt to temporarily escape our circumstances. Others find themselves overwhelmed careening out of control even contemplating how to commit suicide.

In time we found a way to guard our heart and mind. We discovered peace and joy by using words to bring hope and healing to others not as verbal weapons. We face our greatest life challenges. When we struggle to find love, security, and assurance that life truly has meaning.
Our fears, unhealthy behaviors and excessive emotional struggles result from our inability to interpret and correctly cope with our circumstances and feelings.

Whether wrestling with chronic pain, forgiving infidelity, or trying to conceive it is possible to move beyond that place of hopelessness. When we develop a personal relationship with the One who created us we discover how God wants us to respond in any given situation.

If you are facing difficult decision trust Him to provide the comfort, strength, and wisdom you need in order to continue toward your goal. By placing our faith in God, we take our hands off our problems.

Life Challenges

All of us experience major,
and minor life challenges.
How we handle these struggles,
on a daily basis determines our physical,
as well as our mental well being.

It takes only a single event to convince us,
we have no control over our circumstances.
Sometimes these challenges consume us with guilt,
panic attacks or chronic fatigue.

Our problems pressure us from every side,
threatening to crush or break us.
Surprisingly, all life challenges have a direct relationship,
in defining our purpose in life.

If only we could find assurance that there was a plan,
or reason for the difficulties we face.
We search for meaning in tragedy,
questioning our reason for hope or a future.